Lily as Admiral Michelle Howard

My daughter as Admiral Michelle Howard: On July 1, 2014, Michelle J. Howard made history by becoming the first female four star admiral in the US Navy and the highest ranking Black woman in the military. She was referenced in the Tom Hanks movie Captain Phillips because Admiral Howard played a role in rescuing the actual Captain Phillips from Somali pirates. She was raised in a military family in Aurora, CO. In 1982, Howard graduated from the US Naval Academy. She earned a master’s degree from Army’s Command and General Staff College in 1998. Her current ranking was not the first time she made history. When she took command of the US warship, the USS Rushmore, in 1999 she became the first woman to do so. In an interview to ABC News, she described piloting the huge ship as “fun”. Never shying from a challenge, Howard has vowed to make tackling sexual assault within the Navy an important issue to allow others to achieve their goals.

*Orginal photo:US Navy / Public Domain*

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