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Marc Bushelle was born in Barbados. Being the son of a US State Department father, his home quickly became different places around the world that included the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. This unique childhood has shaped his imagination, love of art, photography and film. This has enhanced his able to connect with a wide range of people.

Soon after college he started working as an assistant art director on many high-end music videos. He has worked with artist like Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Big Pun and Eve to help them deliver their visual message. He has worked at many notable Portrait Studios where he has gained national recognition. He continues to operate his private studio in Brooklyn NY which allows him to explore complex ideas while shooting everything from portraits and products to boudoir and weddings. His work has been exhibited in galleries and venues in Texas, Philadelphia and New York City.

Disruptive thinking coupled with his family’s compelling history shaped Marc Bushelle as a photographer and videographer, leading to projects focused on the human condition. His photo series entitled The Heroines Project where the premise was to create a connection between his daughter Lily and the powerful stories of heroic women. He recreated photos of these women and his daughter Lily was the model. After NPR published the photos, the story quickly went viral. The Heroines Project has been featured in countless news outlets and publications in the United States and abroad; it has also been translated into a number of languages. Recognition from Toni Morrison, Queen Latifah, Whoopi Goldberg, Misty Copeland and numerous others has encouraged Marc Bushelle to continue sharing his talent and vision with the world.

My Work

My work spans a wide range of topics and subjects with many personalities. My subjects sometimes have strong heartbeats and sometimes they are inanimate objects. Whatever the project is, I jump into it with both creative feet. My work tends to be a little edgy with a lot of color while focusing on the composition and art direction. The many layers that come with life and love are present in my work. I try to hold the viewer tight and open them up into a world full of magic and delight. You get to get up close, explore and have an intimate connection with the subjects. Emotions are wonderful; I enjoy capturing them and evoking them with my work.

- Marc


Marc Bushelle


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